Casestudy from the interactive VR Projekt for Mc Donalds.

Client: Mc Donalds Germany
Agency: B- REEL Berlin
Director / Producer: Veith Michel
Digital Producer: Dele Momoh
Mobile app: Finwe Ltd
Sounddesign / App-Music / Set-Recording / Sound-Editing: ShakeUp

McDonalds Germany is revolutionizing its business with the restaurant of the Future project. B-Reel was asked to bring the concept to life for over 600 visitors at the same time at their annual franchise Nehmer-Meeting on 9 October 2015. To give franchisees the feeling of freely exploring their future restaurant, we wrote a non – linear storyline enabling them to walk around like actual guests.
B-Reel created the VR experience from scratch and designed and developed everything from the virtual reality app, to the design of the Google Cardboard headset.